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Timothy Zookin

“I used to be very much and “outdoor enthusiast”, with frequent trips into the wilderness for primitive camping for example sleeping on the ground, spelunking and some fairly serious climbing. I jammed my back once falling off a mountain and considered myself likely to be up to walk away. But over the years the damage from that fall started to show itself. Some morning recently my lower back was so stiff and sore I could hardly get dressed.

An insurance agent told me that the insurance industry is highly supportive of chiropractic care, since statistically it works better, it works faster, and it works far less expensively than traditional medical care for my type of injury. The agent was right. I have been getting treatments from your office for a few weeks, and the difference it has made in my life is substantial.

I really looked into Chiropractic and more specifically, I asked a number of locals if they could make a recommendation for local chiropractor and your name came up repeatedly. I can say, without reservation, but if you are reading this these words you’re in the right place.”

Timothy Zookin

Low back pain