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Denise Sorenson

For months now I have been suffering from five day long migraines along with neck and back pain that occurred every other week. It left me bedridden. Being a mother of three children, who are all involved in activities, I could not afford to spend that much time in bed. I was beginning to become severely depressed. My neurologist sent me for an MRI, which came back with no problems. I tried several migraine medications, sometimes one would work, sometimes it didn’t with most of them resulting in bad side effects. Under the urging of my sister and stepfather both of which are chiropractors, I decided to try chiropractic. I started coming to the office approximately six months ago, and within The first month there was a SIGNIFICANT decrease in my headaches, back and neck aches.

A plan was developed to not only cure the ache but also to restore my neck and spine to the correct alignment. I now have my life back! My children also have regular visits so if they do not end up with a scoliosis brace at age 14 like my stepdaughter did.

They are a very competent and compassionate doctors. The staff is also the most courteous I have ever encountered. He developed a treatment plan that worked for me, and he can find one that works for you. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to better their lives.”

Denise Sorenson

Migraine headaches and neck and back pain