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Sally Schueler

“I visited your office for the first time on September 9, 2009 believing in chiropractic healing. Years ago I suffered a broken neck (fifth and six vertebra) by in abusive husband. Throughout the years it became evident that I needed to seek out avenues for reducing the increasing pain. I had also been suffering from sacral, hip, and leg pain but I would sit in certain positions that was becoming more and more unbearable.

On my third visit to your office I began feeling relief in my neck, shoulders, hips, and legs and you can imagine how elated I felt. But then, wow I suddenly realized another horrible disability had completely disappeared! It had been something I didn’t talk about much, but had plagued me
for several years and taken over my body and mind. RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME almost drove me completely MAD! To compensate, I knew I could never sit still and a movie, theater, or long meetings requiring sitting for more than an hour. Even my profession of home health with clients became extremely difficult. My 12 hour nights were a nightmare. I could not sit still while trying to relax because the harder I try to concentrate, the worse it became. It controlled my life, even keeping me awake for hours during the night.

I have heartfelt gratefulness for the amazing and profound surprised to find I really could experience fill healing and the ability to sit still once again. I feel like the normal people I sit next to at functions. To those who have never experienced this problem, is like you have no control of your body and feel helpless and frustrated. Prescribed medication was expensive and not effective.

I think excitedly look forward to the treatment ahead and feel healthier and happier in my 70s, it is never too late for healing and taking better care of ourselves. Thank you for the miracles you performed in your practice.”

Sally Schueler

Neck, shoulders, hips, leg pain restless leg syndrome