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Tiffany Wolf

“A doctor who is given the gift of healing is a person who shows greatness, but a person who heals with both his hands and his heart is the greatest gift man.

I came to Sarasota in July, in pain and despair. For three years now I have been suffering from extreme sharp pains and numbness down the right side of my body, all the way to my toes. I have been to variety of doctors, a sinus specialist for my sinus infections that I would get three times a year since I was age 16. Since age 21 I have had CAT scans, MRIs, variety of neurologists who had no idea what was wrong with me, only that they thought they could share it with a little pink pill. I even tried a small-town chiropractor, which by the way thought I was allergic to my birth control pills, and took me off of them.

The only good thing that came from spending $14,000 to doctors in my now 20 month little girl. After all these doctors I gave up hope and took matters into my own hands by trying to drop 30 pounds. This weight-loss proved to do the trick until I got pregnant with Christie. Around the eighth month the pains came back with a few new added bonuses. I thought it was due to the weight gain until after I had my daughter things got worse. With a new baby I began to convince myself that the pain was all in my mind and so for the last year and a half I have been pushing to be a mother and a wife and trying to convince myself that the pain was due to mental exhaustion. A person’s mental state becomes effective after so many years of uncontrollable pain. I thought I was a bad mother and a terrible wife and I spent too many nights in tears because of the mental and physical pain is too much to bear.

In August my husband threw his back out and we didn’t have two weeks to let him put himself back in alignment without any help, so I convinced my husband to see a chiropractor. The first visit to the Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic office was for my husband. I would have never guess it would be the day I would begin to live. As we waited to see the doctor I looked at all the charts on the wall. I started to laugh when I started down one of the charts saying I have that, and that, and that, you get the drift. When the doctor entered the room he made us feel so welcome and comfortable. His knowledge was overwhelming and the fact he was just like us at our age made me trust him even more. After talking to him I decided to give one more doctor a try. He took several x-rays and I was shocked with what I saw. My neck was jammed straight and my back was not where it was meant to be. I went home and cried when he told me that if not corrected soon I would be at the beginning stages of arthritis in my back. This isn’t easy news to take at age 25. I started treatments with hope and heavy heart. I went to a appointment after appointment and at first it did not seem to be working. I continue to go for the treatments but more for the man who was giving the treatment. Since we have come to Sarasota we had more negative talks from our friends and family than anything. My husband and I had no faith in the move we choose to do and no faith in ourselves, but this doctor was different. Every appointment he would praise us for our eagerness to become healthy… When he re-examined me it was then that I realized I was in no pain and not had pain for the past week.

I am almost through with my treatments and I am no longer in pain but healthy, happy and I have dropped 20 more pounds. The last two months I have had to face the idea of bankruptcy, no job, and cancer while all trying to make a home here in Sarasota. And you want to know something funny, I’m not the least bit stressed about it because I can now be a great mother and a loving wife. This doctor not only healed my body, he healed a fragile soul.

Thank you so much!”

Tiffany Wolf

Neck and back pain, numbness, wellness, spirit.