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Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

“When we returned from our summer place in the mountains of Georgia in October last year, my husband, Dale, was suffering from pain in his neck and right shoulder. He had experienced a similar problem two years earlier and had consulted with a chiropractor in Georgia with good success, so we decided to find a chiropractor in Sarasota. Our friends enthusiastically recommended Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. We called the office for an appointment and consultation. After some x-rays and some conversation, The problem was identified as being a result of trauma to the neck, probably a car accident, within the last 10 years. After thinking about it, we both remembered having rolled our Ford Explorer over on I-4 on Christmas Day in 1996.

Not long after initiating treatment with Dr. Joe, a recurring low back pain that had plagued Dale often on over the years resurfaced. This time it was so severe that he had trouble straightening up. After talking with the doctor and after another set of x-rays, we identified a problem in his low back. He was treating both of Dale’s problems with a series of adjustments. Within 2 to 3 weeks, Dale was experiencing remarkable improvement in both areas.

About this time we both attended one of the evening seminars and learned a lot about the effects of spinal traumas on general health. I was particularly impressed with the doctors understanding of the human body and a very clear way he had of presenting this information to people not in the field. I began to realize that I myself have been doing some basic things wrong for a number of years and I decided to ask the doctor about the persistent although relatively minor pain in my neck which I had been experiencing for a few years.

After some x-rays and conversations, our car accident in the 80s when my forehead hit the rear view mirror traumatize my neck… Subsequently we initiated a series of treatments to both my neck and my lower back. Is important to emphasize here that I had not been experiencing any pain in my lower back other than what I thought were “normal” pains of aging, and the pain in my neck was not severe, just annoying.

… After a series of adjustments, Dale is pain-free and back playing tennis better than he has in several years. I can now turn my head from side to side with no discomfort (I hadn’t realized that I had gradually lost the ability to do this) and, while my right pelvis is still 1 inch too low, I can do more things comfortably than I could before. The most amazing result of the adjustments to my lower back though, is the fact that my knees hurt much less than they did before. I never even mentioned my knee problems to The doctor because I have had bad knees for a number of years (arthroscopic surgery on one knee four years ago). I even stop playing tennis because of it. Now Dale and I play mixed doubles at our local tennis club thanks to Chiropractic treatment!

After experiencing the very positive results of spinal adjustments, Dale and I plan to continue a maintenance program with. We have both realized that seeking help and treatment only when it hurts is clearly not the path to a more flexible life style with less pain. The very efficient and friendly staff also makes our visits to the office enjoyable. We are already wondering what we are going to do this summer when we go to Georgia for a few months. Clearly he can’t move his practice to Georgia, but maybe he would consider visiting us while were there…”

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

Low back, neck, knee and shoulder pain

Sally Schueler

“I visited your office for the first time on September 9, 2009 believing in chiropractic healing. Years ago I suffered a broken neck (fifth and six vertebra) by in abusive husband. Throughout the years it became evident that I needed to seek out avenues for reducing the increasing pain. I had also been suffering from sacral, hip, and leg pain but I would sit in certain positions that was becoming more and more unbearable.

On my third visit to your office I began feeling relief in my neck, shoulders, hips, and legs and you can imagine how elated I felt. But then, wow I suddenly realized another horrible disability had completely disappeared! It had been something I didn’t talk about much, but had plagued me
for several years and taken over my body and mind. RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME almost drove me completely MAD! To compensate, I knew I could never sit still and a movie, theater, or long meetings requiring sitting for more than an hour. Even my profession of home health with clients became extremely difficult. My 12 hour nights were a nightmare. I could not sit still while trying to relax because the harder I try to concentrate, the worse it became. It controlled my life, even keeping me awake for hours during the night.

I have heartfelt gratefulness for the amazing and profound surprised to find I really could experience fill healing and the ability to sit still once again. I feel like the normal people I sit next to at functions. To those who have never experienced this problem, is like you have no control of your body and feel helpless and frustrated. Prescribed medication was expensive and not effective.

I think excitedly look forward to the treatment ahead and feel healthier and happier in my 70s, it is never too late for healing and taking better care of ourselves. Thank you for the miracles you performed in your practice.”

Sally Schueler

Neck, shoulders, hips, leg pain restless leg syndrome

Patricia Nader

“Dear Heidi,

I would like to share with you a wonderful alternative to Medicated health care.

Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic
4001 Swift Road, first floor
Sarasota, FL 34231
Phone, 941-924-4400

The doctors are a refreshing and genuine change for, better-than-expected, feeling great, no meds, treatment of back and other pains many of your viewers feel. It’s like going “green”, with your health care.

He has helped me overcome my pain and avoid back surgery. I’m getting better and my state of wellness is amazing! I was diagnosed with a torn disc and L4 and L5. It took me three MRIs and multi-x-rays to detect the source, as the pain was not in my back but in my thigh. When my primary doctor came to this conclusion, his immediate response was surgery on my spine, steroids, narcotic pain meds, and rest. I have to work. I couldn’t see losing all the time at work, leave of absence needed for the rehab, post surgery, not to mention the extreme risk and cost.

After starting treatment I was very skeptical. it wasn’t but one visit and I was more than impressed by his, “tableside”, manner. He also insists that you attend a PowerPoint class put together to help his patients understand just how important your spine is to your overall wellness.
If he cannot help you and you do need surgery, he will tell you and get the best surgeon possible for you.

I can’t say enough as my whole being is feeling wonderful and other areas of past concerns are no more. I hope to share this Medical Marvel and that your staff will consider having him on for interview and questions from other viewers like myself.

What an education I received! You can learn the meaning of, “vertebral subluxation complex”, and how important the spine is to every cell in our bodies. I hope I have stimulated your interest with information. Feel free to contact me for verification of my medical statements.”

Patricia Nader

Back, neck pain, low back pain and general wellness

Nancy Delong and Grace

“When I had my car wreck five years ago, your care released me of potentially chronic pain. When I was expecting my baby last spring, you help me survive a high-risk pregnancy and in good humor. My tension and pain were dispelled in time for a safe natural delivery of my baby.

Now both my daughter and I are patients. Her nasal congestion is clearing up drug-free, and I am actually able to pick her 25 pound self up. Chiropractic care administered by you with skill, compassion and TLC has made our lives infinitely better.”

Nancy Delong and Grace

Linda Browning

“Thank you so much for making me pain-free. When I came to see you a few months ago I could not sit or lie down without severe pain in my back. Now I sit at work comfortably all day and sleep much more comfortably at night.

Your class was also very helpful in educating me on how to avoid future back pain.

You’re the best!”

Linda Browning

Neck and back pain

John Saman

“After many years of constant pain and having resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to find relief, I was treated with your expert chiropractic care and by following your treatment program I now am able to resume many of the activities I thought had permanently ended for me.”

John Saman

Chronic back and neck pain

Denise Sorenson

For months now I have been suffering from five day long migraines along with neck and back pain that occurred every other week. It left me bedridden. Being a mother of three children, who are all involved in activities, I could not afford to spend that much time in bed. I was beginning to become severely depressed. My neurologist sent me for an MRI, which came back with no problems. I tried several migraine medications, sometimes one would work, sometimes it didn’t with most of them resulting in bad side effects. Under the urging of my sister and stepfather both of which are chiropractors, I decided to try chiropractic. I started coming to the office approximately six months ago, and within The first month there was a SIGNIFICANT decrease in my headaches, back and neck aches.

A plan was developed to not only cure the ache but also to restore my neck and spine to the correct alignment. I now have my life back! My children also have regular visits so if they do not end up with a scoliosis brace at age 14 like my stepdaughter did.

They are a very competent and compassionate doctors. The staff is also the most courteous I have ever encountered. He developed a treatment plan that worked for me, and he can find one that works for you. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to better their lives.”

Denise Sorenson

Migraine headaches and neck and back pain

Cheri and Billy Riley

“As you know, I was involved in a terrible powerlifting accident in 1994. Because of this accident I have had two neck fusions 1996. I have been diagnosed with permanent spinal column damage, which had permanently disabled me for the rest of my life. I have been to numerous physicians, specialists, pain clinics, and all they have done is to prescribe me narcotics which had made me a “blooming idiot”.

These narcotics have caused severe depression and numerous other side effects. I prayed to God to show me the way to an alternative method to help me.

You have become my “guarding angel” and I pray every day that I have found the physician that truly helps those of us in dire need. You have been gifted and being able to bring me back into the reason for living.

May God bless you and your family as you have brought my family back to me.”

Billy Riley & family

Chronic neck and back pain

Rick Garfinkle

As I entered the new millennium, I find myself at age 54 feeling like age 84. Chronic low back pain and neck problems stemming from a waterskiing accident almost 20 years ago and the pain in my right hip later diagnosed as arthritis had made even walking a painful chore. Bending over to pick up a piece of paper or tie a shoe was likely to throw out my back, pinch a nerve, or cause pain virtually anywhere in my body. The idea of exercise was totally out of the question and resulted in my weight and dimensions reaching new all-time highs. It was past time to do something.

In late January I finally decided to become a patient at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic I had met the Doctor many years ago through our wives work with the Sarasota ballet. He had even adjusted me, as a substitute doctor, when I had been the patient of another chiropractor (where I got only temporary relief from pain and a long-term lightning of my wallet). It was my impression from those few adjustments and the doctors reputation with the dancers in the ballet company that led me to believe he might be the guy who could do something substantive about my rapidly declining body.

A preliminary examination, x-rays and an evaluation led to a plan of action. Starting with three times per week adjustments, I eventually began to notice a difference. My back pain became less severe and less often. After a “healthy back” class taught at your office, brought to light some habits that were causing me to put unnecessary strain on my back, I made a few corrections that continued the progress. Soon, the three weekly adjustments speaking two, then one.

I still had significant hip pain, but my back was beginning to feel more normal, and what can you do about arthritis anyway? Well, the doctor didn’t see it that way, and after my back was the lesser of my structural problems, went to work on the hip. Along with the recommended nutritional supplement program adjustments had positive effects.

By Midsummer, I was down to one maintenance adjustments once per month and felt good enough to start a serious exercise program, something that you had always advocated.

As of today I am over 30 pounds lighter, the best shape I have been in for the last 20 years, can walk, bike and even jog without pain. I have had neither back pain or any pain in months. I have complete range motion in my neck.

Thank you for all you have done to contribute to my renewed life. And, oh yes, my wife thanks you too!!”

Rick Garfinkle

Tiffany Wolf

“A doctor who is given the gift of healing is a person who shows greatness, but a person who heals with both his hands and his heart is the greatest gift man.

I came to Sarasota in July, in pain and despair. For three years now I have been suffering from extreme sharp pains and numbness down the right side of my body, all the way to my toes. I have been to variety of doctors, a sinus specialist for my sinus infections that I would get three times a year since I was age 16. Since age 21 I have had CAT scans, MRIs, variety of neurologists who had no idea what was wrong with me, only that they thought they could share it with a little pink pill. I even tried a small-town chiropractor, which by the way thought I was allergic to my birth control pills, and took me off of them.

The only good thing that came from spending $14,000 to doctors in my now 20 month little girl. After all these doctors I gave up hope and took matters into my own hands by trying to drop 30 pounds. This weight-loss proved to do the trick until I got pregnant with Christie. Around the eighth month the pains came back with a few new added bonuses. I thought it was due to the weight gain until after I had my daughter things got worse. With a new baby I began to convince myself that the pain was all in my mind and so for the last year and a half I have been pushing to be a mother and a wife and trying to convince myself that the pain was due to mental exhaustion. A person’s mental state becomes effective after so many years of uncontrollable pain. I thought I was a bad mother and a terrible wife and I spent too many nights in tears because of the mental and physical pain is too much to bear.

In August my husband threw his back out and we didn’t have two weeks to let him put himself back in alignment without any help, so I convinced my husband to see a chiropractor. The first visit to the Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic office was for my husband. I would have never guess it would be the day I would begin to live. As we waited to see the doctor I looked at all the charts on the wall. I started to laugh when I started down one of the charts saying I have that, and that, and that, you get the drift. When the doctor entered the room he made us feel so welcome and comfortable. His knowledge was overwhelming and the fact he was just like us at our age made me trust him even more. After talking to him I decided to give one more doctor a try. He took several x-rays and I was shocked with what I saw. My neck was jammed straight and my back was not where it was meant to be. I went home and cried when he told me that if not corrected soon I would be at the beginning stages of arthritis in my back. This isn’t easy news to take at age 25. I started treatments with hope and heavy heart. I went to a appointment after appointment and at first it did not seem to be working. I continue to go for the treatments but more for the man who was giving the treatment. Since we have come to Sarasota we had more negative talks from our friends and family than anything. My husband and I had no faith in the move we choose to do and no faith in ourselves, but this doctor was different. Every appointment he would praise us for our eagerness to become healthy… When he re-examined me it was then that I realized I was in no pain and not had pain for the past week.

I am almost through with my treatments and I am no longer in pain but healthy, happy and I have dropped 20 more pounds. The last two months I have had to face the idea of bankruptcy, no job, and cancer while all trying to make a home here in Sarasota. And you want to know something funny, I’m not the least bit stressed about it because I can now be a great mother and a loving wife. This doctor not only healed my body, he healed a fragile soul.

Thank you so much!”

Tiffany Wolf

Neck and back pain, numbness, wellness, spirit.