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Judy Van Lente

“With the onset of sudden, excruciating pain in my right shoulder blade area and the loss of strength in my right arm, I saw the treatment of an orthopedic surgeon, thinking I had a rotator cuff injury. After examination, I was told my problem was muscular and I was prescribed six weeks of heat and exercise therapy.No improvement was made during those six weeks of treatment and I was referred to a neurologist. After going through a MRI scan and a myelogram, they called me the “Mystery Lady” because all the tests were negative and they couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem.

A short time later, I was referred to Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic because I was experiencing severe lower back pain. Well, what can I say… Not only was my lower back pain eliminated, I no longer have that pain in my shoulder blade area and all the strength has been restored to my right arm. What I thought was “something I was going to have to live with” has been taken away and I feel terrific. I’m back to golf, tennis, and carrying my grandchildren.

I have also learned the importance of monthly maintenance. Like all people who are feeling great, I thought I could skip a couple of months, Ha! The old problem started coming back and it took three adjustments to get me back on track.

THANK YOU! for helping me to feel great again.”

Judy Van Lente

Sufferer of mid-back pain, arm weakness, and low back pain with leg weakness