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Timothy Zookin

“I used to be very much and “outdoor enthusiast”, with frequent trips into the wilderness for primitive camping for example sleeping on the ground, spelunking and some fairly serious climbing. I jammed my back once falling off a mountain and considered myself likely to be up to walk away. But over the years the damage from that fall started to show itself. Some morning recently my lower back was so stiff and sore I could hardly get dressed.

An insurance agent told me that the insurance industry is highly supportive of chiropractic care, since statistically it works better, it works faster, and it works far less expensively than traditional medical care for my type of injury. The agent was right. I have been getting treatments from your office for a few weeks, and the difference it has made in my life is substantial.

I really looked into Chiropractic and more specifically, I asked a number of locals if they could make a recommendation for local chiropractor and your name came up repeatedly. I can say, without reservation, but if you are reading this these words you’re in the right place.”

Timothy Zookin

Low back pain

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

“When we returned from our summer place in the mountains of Georgia in October last year, my husband, Dale, was suffering from pain in his neck and right shoulder. He had experienced a similar problem two years earlier and had consulted with a chiropractor in Georgia with good success, so we decided to find a chiropractor in Sarasota. Our friends enthusiastically recommended Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. We called the office for an appointment and consultation. After some x-rays and some conversation, The problem was identified as being a result of trauma to the neck, probably a car accident, within the last 10 years. After thinking about it, we both remembered having rolled our Ford Explorer over on I-4 on Christmas Day in 1996.

Not long after initiating treatment with Dr. Joe, a recurring low back pain that had plagued Dale often on over the years resurfaced. This time it was so severe that he had trouble straightening up. After talking with the doctor and after another set of x-rays, we identified a problem in his low back. He was treating both of Dale’s problems with a series of adjustments. Within 2 to 3 weeks, Dale was experiencing remarkable improvement in both areas.

About this time we both attended one of the evening seminars and learned a lot about the effects of spinal traumas on general health. I was particularly impressed with the doctors understanding of the human body and a very clear way he had of presenting this information to people not in the field. I began to realize that I myself have been doing some basic things wrong for a number of years and I decided to ask the doctor about the persistent although relatively minor pain in my neck which I had been experiencing for a few years.

After some x-rays and conversations, our car accident in the 80s when my forehead hit the rear view mirror traumatize my neck… Subsequently we initiated a series of treatments to both my neck and my lower back. Is important to emphasize here that I had not been experiencing any pain in my lower back other than what I thought were “normal” pains of aging, and the pain in my neck was not severe, just annoying.

… After a series of adjustments, Dale is pain-free and back playing tennis better than he has in several years. I can now turn my head from side to side with no discomfort (I hadn’t realized that I had gradually lost the ability to do this) and, while my right pelvis is still 1 inch too low, I can do more things comfortably than I could before. The most amazing result of the adjustments to my lower back though, is the fact that my knees hurt much less than they did before. I never even mentioned my knee problems to The doctor because I have had bad knees for a number of years (arthroscopic surgery on one knee four years ago). I even stop playing tennis because of it. Now Dale and I play mixed doubles at our local tennis club thanks to Chiropractic treatment!

After experiencing the very positive results of spinal adjustments, Dale and I plan to continue a maintenance program with. We have both realized that seeking help and treatment only when it hurts is clearly not the path to a more flexible life style with less pain. The very efficient and friendly staff also makes our visits to the office enjoyable. We are already wondering what we are going to do this summer when we go to Georgia for a few months. Clearly he can’t move his practice to Georgia, but maybe he would consider visiting us while were there…”

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

Low back, neck, knee and shoulder pain

Sybil Muscott

“My introduction to Chiropractic began March 1965. X-rays were taken that showed just where the problems were. After a series of adjustments, my spine straightened out. Being a sports minded person, you can easily get your body out of sync, so I decided to continue with maintenance of the spine. My medical doctor had bone density tests done that indicated I had osteoporosis. I was put on three medications. When my insurance changed, I started getting chiropractic adjustment at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. My body and mind told me I didn’t want to live with the person I was becoming.

After x-rays were taken the doctor set me up on a program which include personalized corrective exercises for me to do at home along with chiropractic adjustments. With the help of the adjustments, the exercises and with the doctors time and expertise, I now have increased mobility. I can go up and down stairs, do house chores, yardwork, make quilts and I an able to sleep much better. One day I hope to play golf again!”

Sybil Muscott

Low back pain, corrective exercise rehabilitation

Patricia Nader

“Dear Heidi,

I would like to share with you a wonderful alternative to Medicated health care.

Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic
4001 Swift Road, first floor
Sarasota, FL 34231
Phone, 941-924-4400

The doctors are a refreshing and genuine change for, better-than-expected, feeling great, no meds, treatment of back and other pains many of your viewers feel. It’s like going “green”, with your health care.

He has helped me overcome my pain and avoid back surgery. I’m getting better and my state of wellness is amazing! I was diagnosed with a torn disc and L4 and L5. It took me three MRIs and multi-x-rays to detect the source, as the pain was not in my back but in my thigh. When my primary doctor came to this conclusion, his immediate response was surgery on my spine, steroids, narcotic pain meds, and rest. I have to work. I couldn’t see losing all the time at work, leave of absence needed for the rehab, post surgery, not to mention the extreme risk and cost.

After starting treatment I was very skeptical. it wasn’t but one visit and I was more than impressed by his, “tableside”, manner. He also insists that you attend a PowerPoint class put together to help his patients understand just how important your spine is to your overall wellness.
If he cannot help you and you do need surgery, he will tell you and get the best surgeon possible for you.

I can’t say enough as my whole being is feeling wonderful and other areas of past concerns are no more. I hope to share this Medical Marvel and that your staff will consider having him on for interview and questions from other viewers like myself.

What an education I received! You can learn the meaning of, “vertebral subluxation complex”, and how important the spine is to every cell in our bodies. I hope I have stimulated your interest with information. Feel free to contact me for verification of my medical statements.”

Patricia Nader

Back, neck pain, low back pain and general wellness

Jane Giummo

“My neighbor talk to me about treatment for the excruciating pain in my back. The following day I called your office and made an appointment. That would be the last week in June 2009. As I walked into your office for my first visit I could barely walk. After taking x-rays you diagnosed my problem and began treatment.

Treatment was three times a week for an adjustment. I am no longer in pain, I am walking without a limp. I am delighted that I decided to come to your office and under your very capable care. The office visits at this time in my treatment are now two times weekly. I am encouraged that in a very short time I will only need to come once a month for maintenance. I a sincere thank you for helping me to enjoy a quality life once again. Note, please know I will carry out your instructions on the “how to” if remaining pain-free. ”

Jane Giummo

Low back pain

Gary Grumbly

“This letter is to anyone that suffers from back pain. I have had lower back pain for about the last 15 years have been to a lot of doctors that have giving me no relief. Most doctors just gave me pain pills and said it was something I would have to live with. Many days I could not even work because the pain was so bad. On advice from a friend I went your office, and was very unsure of seeing a chiropractor. I had always thought it was just a way to waste money and not get any real results. After only a few visits I was feeling much better than I had in years. I sleep better, walk better and have no constant pain that I had before. I would recommend that anyone suffering from back pain or any type of body pain go to Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic and get checked out!”

Gary Grumbly

Low back pain, sleeping problems, walking problems

Ed Redding

“I would like to congratulate you for making my life so pleasant. I started coming to you years ago with constant lower back pains plus assorted other ailments. Each time you would encourage me to exercise properly saying that I would eventually improved after you made the necessary adjustments. You also gave me a program of stretching exercises which I did not follow properly. I would do the necessary work when I was suffering but would stop it as soon as I recovered. Then about 10 years ago I began doing your stretching exercises every single day before getting out of bed. As a result all of my back pain has disappeared.

Today I feel myself at age 82 years of age able to play golf two days a week and tennis 2 to 3 days a week. I feel my good physical condition is due to completely to your advice and treatment. Once again, thanks for giving me such a great life.”

Cynthia Geisler

“For over 10 years I have seen several chiropractors and physical therapists, and even received injections in my back to calm down the inflammation. It was You who was able to diagnosis and treat the pain in my hip and back.

The pain radiated down the side of my leg and buttocks, I was not sleeping well at night, because I could not roll on my left side without pain in my hip and leg. After only five weeks the pain is gone and I feel like I can start to exercise going slowly. Thank you !”

Cynthia Geisler

Larry Johnson

“Thank you!

I have never had a more pleasant doctor and experience at any doctors office. Your passion and expertise and total dedication to help people is unprecedented. I have felt very comfortable from day one and my pains have been eliminated.

Your entire office is very comfortable to be in and it was very easy to make appointments to meet both of our schedules which is very important even as busy as you are.

I believe your philosophy about your art is right on. Chiropractic is a lifelong maintenance part of life. We should never quit. I will refer my friends, friends and acquaintances to you.

I was also very impressed that Dr. Hornberger’s son is studying to follow in his dad’s footsteps. What a wonderful thing, especially when he has such a great role model to follow.

To anyone who may read this, you have made the right decision to have the doctors at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic take care of you and they will.

Thanks again!”

Larry Johnson

Acute low back pain

Judy Van Lente

“With the onset of sudden, excruciating pain in my right shoulder blade area and the loss of strength in my right arm, I saw the treatment of an orthopedic surgeon, thinking I had a rotator cuff injury. After examination, I was told my problem was muscular and I was prescribed six weeks of heat and exercise therapy.No improvement was made during those six weeks of treatment and I was referred to a neurologist. After going through a MRI scan and a myelogram, they called me the “Mystery Lady” because all the tests were negative and they couldn’t figure out what was causing the problem.

A short time later, I was referred to Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic because I was experiencing severe lower back pain. Well, what can I say… Not only was my lower back pain eliminated, I no longer have that pain in my shoulder blade area and all the strength has been restored to my right arm. What I thought was “something I was going to have to live with” has been taken away and I feel terrific. I’m back to golf, tennis, and carrying my grandchildren.

I have also learned the importance of monthly maintenance. Like all people who are feeling great, I thought I could skip a couple of months, Ha! The old problem started coming back and it took three adjustments to get me back on track.

THANK YOU! for helping me to feel great again.”

Judy Van Lente

Sufferer of mid-back pain, arm weakness, and low back pain with leg weakness