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Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

“When we returned from our summer place in the mountains of Georgia in October last year, my husband, Dale, was suffering from pain in his neck and right shoulder. He had experienced a similar problem two years earlier and had consulted with a chiropractor in Georgia with good success, so we decided to find a chiropractor in Sarasota. Our friends enthusiastically recommended Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. We called the office for an appointment and consultation. After some x-rays and some conversation, The problem was identified as being a result of trauma to the neck, probably a car accident, within the last 10 years. After thinking about it, we both remembered having rolled our Ford Explorer over on I-4 on Christmas Day in 1996.

Not long after initiating treatment with Dr. Joe, a recurring low back pain that had plagued Dale often on over the years resurfaced. This time it was so severe that he had trouble straightening up. After talking with the doctor and after another set of x-rays, we identified a problem in his low back. He was treating both of Dale’s problems with a series of adjustments. Within 2 to 3 weeks, Dale was experiencing remarkable improvement in both areas.

About this time we both attended one of the evening seminars and learned a lot about the effects of spinal traumas on general health. I was particularly impressed with the doctors understanding of the human body and a very clear way he had of presenting this information to people not in the field. I began to realize that I myself have been doing some basic things wrong for a number of years and I decided to ask the doctor about the persistent although relatively minor pain in my neck which I had been experiencing for a few years.

After some x-rays and conversations, our car accident in the 80s when my forehead hit the rear view mirror traumatize my neck… Subsequently we initiated a series of treatments to both my neck and my lower back. Is important to emphasize here that I had not been experiencing any pain in my lower back other than what I thought were “normal” pains of aging, and the pain in my neck was not severe, just annoying.

… After a series of adjustments, Dale is pain-free and back playing tennis better than he has in several years. I can now turn my head from side to side with no discomfort (I hadn’t realized that I had gradually lost the ability to do this) and, while my right pelvis is still 1 inch too low, I can do more things comfortably than I could before. The most amazing result of the adjustments to my lower back though, is the fact that my knees hurt much less than they did before. I never even mentioned my knee problems to The doctor because I have had bad knees for a number of years (arthroscopic surgery on one knee four years ago). I even stop playing tennis because of it. Now Dale and I play mixed doubles at our local tennis club thanks to Chiropractic treatment!

After experiencing the very positive results of spinal adjustments, Dale and I plan to continue a maintenance program with. We have both realized that seeking help and treatment only when it hurts is clearly not the path to a more flexible life style with less pain. The very efficient and friendly staff also makes our visits to the office enjoyable. We are already wondering what we are going to do this summer when we go to Georgia for a few months. Clearly he can’t move his practice to Georgia, but maybe he would consider visiting us while were there…”

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

Low back, neck, knee and shoulder pain