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Tony Samarco

“I would like to recap that on November 28, 2012, I herniated my disc in my lower back. After an emergency trip to the hospital, x-rays, CT scan, MRI, two epidural injections, which only gave relief for a few hours, and three months of bed and lounge chair rest and being in excruciating pain and only able to walk a few steps with assistance using a walker, the orthopedic doctor indicated that It was most likely a matter of time before I would need to consider surgery. With my health problems and surviving two blood clocks that passed through my heart into my lung, surgery is almost out of the question.Three and a half months went by and my wife suggested that I get treated at your office, although it was indicated by the surgeon that Chiropractic was not the answer. You received my MRI, which was going to give us both the answer if you would be of help me or not. You then laid out the protocol that encompassed a treatment plan. With my first adjustment I walked out of your office not skipping, running or even straight for that matter, but was able to walk with the walker under my arm. It was unbelievable!

I know it will take time, but it’s looking good that I will not need surgery. Up to this point I am doing better with every visit. I’m even contemplating going fishing real soon. I hear my boat calling me. THANK YOU so much! in the words of Ralph Kramden “YOU’RE THE GREATEST”.”

Tony Samarco

Sufferer of low back pain with herniated disc