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Eveliano Cruiz

“At age 85 I was diagnosed for neck and right shoulder surgery. I had therapeutic alternatives such as massage which was alright but no manipulation of the spine. Three years of massage and supplements fix the shoulder, not the neck. Pressure on the neck and back worsen with numbness and shooting pain to the fingers.

I was losing the use of my hands. So I decided on getting chiropractic adjustments. After the second visit I felt relief. At 11 visits no more shooting pain. I am on the way to a better life. Thanks!!”

Eveliano Cruiz

Betty Roberts

“Approximately six months ago, my life took a “crash” literally. I slipped and fell landing on my left knee and moved the wall cabinet with my right elbow. Needless to say, after picking myself up and crawling to another room where there was a phone, I called my family doctor who was not available to see me, but there was a nurse practitioner if I would settle for that route. I was in so much pain anything sounded good to me. She referred me to the x-ray department were six x-rays were taken, and I was told that she would call me by the end of the day.

After waiting for several days, and several calls on my part, I was told the x-rays were “lost”. Then their office called me and said they had the missing report and that I had degenerative arthritis and that there was nothing more to do.

Meanwhile I’m still limping around in pain with a swollen knee. My kids insisted I go to see an orthopedic doctor. He took two x-rays and informed me right in his office that I have a fractured kneecap (no signs of arthritis!!!). But, since two weeks have passed by already with me walking on the knee, he could not recommend any treatment for it, but let mother nature do her thing.

Then on July 2, I went to bed with a sensitive knee and awoke the next morning with numbing on the entire right side of my body (neck to toes). Another doctor said I have multiple sclerosis. I did not want to hear this diagnosis and was feeling depressed with all the different diagnoses. My daughter referred me to Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic, that these doctors were miracle workers.

The receptionist immediately set me up with an appointment and I presented my pathetic self, complete with a walking cane, broken left knee and totally useless right arm, I could not even sign my own name without assistance.

The doctor took one look at me, gave me a big hug, heartwarming smile and assured me that we would be find what “IT” was that was happening to my body. X-rays and exam results showed that there were pinched nerves in the neck and low back areas and he immediately began treating me for presenting problems. A month or so later, I walked into the office and announce very proud “look what I can do” that I could sign my own name of which I was unable to do before! Sharon and CIndy where as happy for me as though I had won the lottery. A routine, normal thing for most people but a huge step for me.

Today I am walking without a cane and have use of most of my arm. We are still working on the hand and back strengthening and I know with your knowledge and miracle hands I will be as good as new in time. I am so grateful to you and his wonderful office staff who always make me feel welcome and smiling by the time I leave tour office.”

Betty Roberts

Back pain with with radiation into leg, hand weakness