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Patricia Nader

“Dear Heidi,

I would like to share with you a wonderful alternative to Medicated health care.

Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic
4001 Swift Road, first floor
Sarasota, FL 34231
Phone, 941-924-4400

The doctors are a refreshing and genuine change for, better-than-expected, feeling great, no meds, treatment of back and other pains many of your viewers feel. It’s like going “green”, with your health care.

He has helped me overcome my pain and avoid back surgery. I’m getting better and my state of wellness is amazing! I was diagnosed with a torn disc and L4 and L5. It took me three MRIs and multi-x-rays to detect the source, as the pain was not in my back but in my thigh. When my primary doctor came to this conclusion, his immediate response was surgery on my spine, steroids, narcotic pain meds, and rest. I have to work. I couldn’t see losing all the time at work, leave of absence needed for the rehab, post surgery, not to mention the extreme risk and cost.

After starting treatment I was very skeptical. it wasn’t but one visit and I was more than impressed by his, “tableside”, manner. He also insists that you attend a PowerPoint class put together to help his patients understand just how important your spine is to your overall wellness.
If he cannot help you and you do need surgery, he will tell you and get the best surgeon possible for you.

I can’t say enough as my whole being is feeling wonderful and other areas of past concerns are no more. I hope to share this Medical Marvel and that your staff will consider having him on for interview and questions from other viewers like myself.

What an education I received! You can learn the meaning of, “vertebral subluxation complex”, and how important the spine is to every cell in our bodies. I hope I have stimulated your interest with information. Feel free to contact me for verification of my medical statements.”

Patricia Nader

Back, neck pain, low back pain and general wellness