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Rick Garfinkle

As I entered the new millennium, I find myself at age 54 feeling like age 84. Chronic low back pain and neck problems stemming from a waterskiing accident almost 20 years ago and the pain in my right hip later diagnosed as arthritis had made even walking a painful chore. Bending over to pick up a piece of paper or tie a shoe was likely to throw out my back, pinch a nerve, or cause pain virtually anywhere in my body. The idea of exercise was totally out of the question and resulted in my weight and dimensions reaching new all-time highs. It was past time to do something.

In late January I finally decided to become a patient at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic I had met the Doctor many years ago through our wives work with the Sarasota ballet. He had even adjusted me, as a substitute doctor, when I had been the patient of another chiropractor (where I got only temporary relief from pain and a long-term lightning of my wallet). It was my impression from those few adjustments and the doctors reputation with the dancers in the ballet company that led me to believe he might be the guy who could do something substantive about my rapidly declining body.

A preliminary examination, x-rays and an evaluation led to a plan of action. Starting with three times per week adjustments, I eventually began to notice a difference. My back pain became less severe and less often. After a “healthy back” class taught at your office, brought to light some habits that were causing me to put unnecessary strain on my back, I made a few corrections that continued the progress. Soon, the three weekly adjustments speaking two, then one.

I still had significant hip pain, but my back was beginning to feel more normal, and what can you do about arthritis anyway? Well, the doctor didn’t see it that way, and after my back was the lesser of my structural problems, went to work on the hip. Along with the recommended nutritional supplement program adjustments had positive effects.

By Midsummer, I was down to one maintenance adjustments once per month and felt good enough to start a serious exercise program, something that you had always advocated.

As of today I am over 30 pounds lighter, the best shape I have been in for the last 20 years, can walk, bike and even jog without pain. I have had neither back pain or any pain in months. I have complete range motion in my neck.

Thank you for all you have done to contribute to my renewed life. And, oh yes, my wife thanks you too!!”

Rick Garfinkle