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Tresa Harris

“I have been a patient of for several years and have always had the mindset that chiropractors should only be used as a quick fix to pain. Whenever I was in pain, I find myself sitting in the office waiting on my “pain fix”. I always knew what to expect after the adjustment…He would gently try to persuade me to allow him to treat the cause of my pain and not just the symptoms. As usual I would nod knowingly and tell him I think about it knowing full well I wouldn’t.

Last year I decided to get my haircut really short. One night as I was pursuing my new “doo” in the mirror, I noticed a bump on the back of my neck. The bump grew at an alarming rate over the next few months. Now I was scared and shared my concern about my concern upon my next “paint fix” visit. He suggested I had an MRI, which revealed two herniated discs. That clinched it, I was ready to listen.

A six month treatment plan was outlined which I faithfully followed never missing an appointment. Now as I write this, I am on maintenance. I am pain-free and my bump has all but disappeared. I feel fantastic!

Now for the icing on the cake, I’ve suffered with allergies for over 35 years and this is the first year I have been symptom-free without the aid of injections or medicine. The doctor was not surprised. It seems the misaligned neck vertebra affecting the nervous system can be related to the sinuses.

If you’re tired of being in pain and serious about getting better, but I challenge you to make an appointment at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic and listen to what he has to say. You will not find a more caring compassionate doctor who is passionate about the health and education of his patients.”

Tresa Harris

Back pain, dowers hump, allergies

Sharon Austin

“I can only attempt to express my gratitude to you for all you have done for me. After my gallbladder surgery, I thought I would feel better. I didn’t. The pressured tightness in my chest and the soreness of breath continued, even worsened. My mind ran wild, imagining the worst possible scenario.

After only a few adjustments, the symptoms had greatly lessened. Continue treatments caused them to disappear. I also saw an improvement in problems resulting from an auto accident three years ago, which had been aggravated by this experience.

As much as I appreciated your professional experience, I am equally grateful for your optimistic reassurance during my treatments. Your hands healed my body, but your spirit healed my fear.

Thank you, for your multifaceted approach you brought to my treatment when I desperately needed it. Thank you, too, for having a traffic office staff to support you.”

Sharon Austin

Chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain

Patricia Nader

“Dear Heidi,

I would like to share with you a wonderful alternative to Medicated health care.

Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic
4001 Swift Road, first floor
Sarasota, FL 34231
Phone, 941-924-4400

The doctors are a refreshing and genuine change for, better-than-expected, feeling great, no meds, treatment of back and other pains many of your viewers feel. It’s like going “green”, with your health care.

He has helped me overcome my pain and avoid back surgery. I’m getting better and my state of wellness is amazing! I was diagnosed with a torn disc and L4 and L5. It took me three MRIs and multi-x-rays to detect the source, as the pain was not in my back but in my thigh. When my primary doctor came to this conclusion, his immediate response was surgery on my spine, steroids, narcotic pain meds, and rest. I have to work. I couldn’t see losing all the time at work, leave of absence needed for the rehab, post surgery, not to mention the extreme risk and cost.

After starting treatment I was very skeptical. it wasn’t but one visit and I was more than impressed by his, “tableside”, manner. He also insists that you attend a PowerPoint class put together to help his patients understand just how important your spine is to your overall wellness.
If he cannot help you and you do need surgery, he will tell you and get the best surgeon possible for you.

I can’t say enough as my whole being is feeling wonderful and other areas of past concerns are no more. I hope to share this Medical Marvel and that your staff will consider having him on for interview and questions from other viewers like myself.

What an education I received! You can learn the meaning of, “vertebral subluxation complex”, and how important the spine is to every cell in our bodies. I hope I have stimulated your interest with information. Feel free to contact me for verification of my medical statements.”

Patricia Nader

Back, neck pain, low back pain and general wellness

Nancy Delong and Grace

“When I had my car wreck five years ago, your care released me of potentially chronic pain. When I was expecting my baby last spring, you help me survive a high-risk pregnancy and in good humor. My tension and pain were dispelled in time for a safe natural delivery of my baby.

Now both my daughter and I are patients. Her nasal congestion is clearing up drug-free, and I am actually able to pick her 25 pound self up. Chiropractic care administered by you with skill, compassion and TLC has made our lives infinitely better.”

Nancy Delong and Grace

Linda Browning

“Thank you so much for making me pain-free. When I came to see you a few months ago I could not sit or lie down without severe pain in my back. Now I sit at work comfortably all day and sleep much more comfortably at night.

Your class was also very helpful in educating me on how to avoid future back pain.

You’re the best!”

Linda Browning

Neck and back pain

John Saman

“After many years of constant pain and having resigned myself to the fact that I would not be able to find relief, I was treated with your expert chiropractic care and by following your treatment program I now am able to resume many of the activities I thought had permanently ended for me.”

John Saman

Chronic back and neck pain

Jean Criscuolo

“Thank you, for reminding me that the body has the remarkable power of healing and self repair. Within the past few weeks of your “laying of hands”, in adjusting my back and neck, the results are short of “miraculous” a seemingly restoration of a good health, physically and mentally.

The back pain is nonexistent, I am more flexible, my energy level is increasing and there is restoration of bowel function!”

Jean Criscuolo

Back pain, flexible, energy level, bowel function

Florence Benham

“I am a patient and I am delighted with the results of chiropractic treatments. I am a woman of 89+ years who suffered back pain from a fall. After several months of conventional treatments, I still had severe back pain. My activities were very limited. I felt confined to my home, and prescription analgesics did not relieve the pains. My daughter, a registered nurse, referred me to the Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic center . Within a few weeks I was able to resume most of my normal activities, and the pain and discomfort was so much improved that I continued my treatment with him and now feel as good as new.

His staff is friendly, accommodating and encouraging. The doctor was gentle, sympathetic, and very professional. I believe he is interested in treating my entire person, not just my back pain. I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that he is a competent physician, where indeed, I, the patient is the most important person.”

Florence Benham

Severe back pain, wellness approach

Denise Sorenson

For months now I have been suffering from five day long migraines along with neck and back pain that occurred every other week. It left me bedridden. Being a mother of three children, who are all involved in activities, I could not afford to spend that much time in bed. I was beginning to become severely depressed. My neurologist sent me for an MRI, which came back with no problems. I tried several migraine medications, sometimes one would work, sometimes it didn’t with most of them resulting in bad side effects. Under the urging of my sister and stepfather both of which are chiropractors, I decided to try chiropractic. I started coming to the office approximately six months ago, and within The first month there was a SIGNIFICANT decrease in my headaches, back and neck aches.

A plan was developed to not only cure the ache but also to restore my neck and spine to the correct alignment. I now have my life back! My children also have regular visits so if they do not end up with a scoliosis brace at age 14 like my stepdaughter did.

They are a very competent and compassionate doctors. The staff is also the most courteous I have ever encountered. He developed a treatment plan that worked for me, and he can find one that works for you. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to better their lives.”

Denise Sorenson

Migraine headaches and neck and back pain

Cheri and Billy Riley

“As you know, I was involved in a terrible powerlifting accident in 1994. Because of this accident I have had two neck fusions 1996. I have been diagnosed with permanent spinal column damage, which had permanently disabled me for the rest of my life. I have been to numerous physicians, specialists, pain clinics, and all they have done is to prescribe me narcotics which had made me a “blooming idiot”.

These narcotics have caused severe depression and numerous other side effects. I prayed to God to show me the way to an alternative method to help me.

You have become my “guarding angel” and I pray every day that I have found the physician that truly helps those of us in dire need. You have been gifted and being able to bring me back into the reason for living.

May God bless you and your family as you have brought my family back to me.”

Billy Riley & family

Chronic neck and back pain