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Susan Russ

Susan Russ

“Dr. Joe is the patient’s advocate. He’s partnered with me and with my other doctors to assure an integrated treatment program that keeps me well, and manages my pain.”

Susan Russ
Business and Communications Consultant
Russ Resources, Inc

Sasha Yapparov


Sasha Yapparov

“I have been treating with Dr. Hornberger since I came to Sarasota. I have always included chropractic treatment as a part of my regular fitness-training routine. I firmly believe Dr. Hornberger’s chiropractic care has been a major factor in extending my dancing career.”

Sasha Yapparov
Former Ballet Master
Sarasota Ballet of Florida

Dr. Jon Culbertson

Dr. Jon Culbertson

“I know Dr. Hornberger as his patient and in his role as a Chiropractic Physician for the Atlanta Olympic Games. Whether it’s my local gymnastic students or international Olympic athletes, he gives them the care and support they need to reach for the gold.”

Dr. Jon Culbertson
Gymnastics Coach and Olympic Judge
Culbertson Gymnastique

Dr. Zsolt Kereszti

Dr. Zsolt Kereszti

“I’m a patient myself of Dr. Hornberger, and I treat personal injuries in my own medical practice as well. He’s the Chiropractic Physician I can trust and I often refer patients to him.”

Dr. Zsolt Kereszti, M. D.
Physical Medicine, Rehab & Acupuncture

Jean Weidner

Jean Weidner

“As a former professional performing artist and busy arts activist, I need gentle care that I can count on. Dr. Joe keeps many of us at The Sarasota Ballet of Florida on our toes!”

Jean Weidner
Former Prima Ballerina and Founder
The Sarasota Ballet of Florida

Timothy Zookin

“I used to be very much and “outdoor enthusiast”, with frequent trips into the wilderness for primitive camping for example sleeping on the ground, spelunking and some fairly serious climbing. I jammed my back once falling off a mountain and considered myself likely to be up to walk away. But over the years the damage from that fall started to show itself. Some morning recently my lower back was so stiff and sore I could hardly get dressed.

An insurance agent told me that the insurance industry is highly supportive of chiropractic care, since statistically it works better, it works faster, and it works far less expensively than traditional medical care for my type of injury. The agent was right. I have been getting treatments from your office for a few weeks, and the difference it has made in my life is substantial.

I really looked into Chiropractic and more specifically, I asked a number of locals if they could make a recommendation for local chiropractor and your name came up repeatedly. I can say, without reservation, but if you are reading this these words you’re in the right place.”

Timothy Zookin

Low back pain

Tresa Harris

“I have been a patient of for several years and have always had the mindset that chiropractors should only be used as a quick fix to pain. Whenever I was in pain, I find myself sitting in the office waiting on my “pain fix”. I always knew what to expect after the adjustment…He would gently try to persuade me to allow him to treat the cause of my pain and not just the symptoms. As usual I would nod knowingly and tell him I think about it knowing full well I wouldn’t.

Last year I decided to get my haircut really short. One night as I was pursuing my new “doo” in the mirror, I noticed a bump on the back of my neck. The bump grew at an alarming rate over the next few months. Now I was scared and shared my concern about my concern upon my next “paint fix” visit. He suggested I had an MRI, which revealed two herniated discs. That clinched it, I was ready to listen.

A six month treatment plan was outlined which I faithfully followed never missing an appointment. Now as I write this, I am on maintenance. I am pain-free and my bump has all but disappeared. I feel fantastic!

Now for the icing on the cake, I’ve suffered with allergies for over 35 years and this is the first year I have been symptom-free without the aid of injections or medicine. The doctor was not surprised. It seems the misaligned neck vertebra affecting the nervous system can be related to the sinuses.

If you’re tired of being in pain and serious about getting better, but I challenge you to make an appointment at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic and listen to what he has to say. You will not find a more caring compassionate doctor who is passionate about the health and education of his patients.”

Tresa Harris

Back pain, dowers hump, allergies

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

“When we returned from our summer place in the mountains of Georgia in October last year, my husband, Dale, was suffering from pain in his neck and right shoulder. He had experienced a similar problem two years earlier and had consulted with a chiropractor in Georgia with good success, so we decided to find a chiropractor in Sarasota. Our friends enthusiastically recommended Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. We called the office for an appointment and consultation. After some x-rays and some conversation, The problem was identified as being a result of trauma to the neck, probably a car accident, within the last 10 years. After thinking about it, we both remembered having rolled our Ford Explorer over on I-4 on Christmas Day in 1996.

Not long after initiating treatment with Dr. Joe, a recurring low back pain that had plagued Dale often on over the years resurfaced. This time it was so severe that he had trouble straightening up. After talking with the doctor and after another set of x-rays, we identified a problem in his low back. He was treating both of Dale’s problems with a series of adjustments. Within 2 to 3 weeks, Dale was experiencing remarkable improvement in both areas.

About this time we both attended one of the evening seminars and learned a lot about the effects of spinal traumas on general health. I was particularly impressed with the doctors understanding of the human body and a very clear way he had of presenting this information to people not in the field. I began to realize that I myself have been doing some basic things wrong for a number of years and I decided to ask the doctor about the persistent although relatively minor pain in my neck which I had been experiencing for a few years.

After some x-rays and conversations, our car accident in the 80s when my forehead hit the rear view mirror traumatize my neck… Subsequently we initiated a series of treatments to both my neck and my lower back. Is important to emphasize here that I had not been experiencing any pain in my lower back other than what I thought were “normal” pains of aging, and the pain in my neck was not severe, just annoying.

… After a series of adjustments, Dale is pain-free and back playing tennis better than he has in several years. I can now turn my head from side to side with no discomfort (I hadn’t realized that I had gradually lost the ability to do this) and, while my right pelvis is still 1 inch too low, I can do more things comfortably than I could before. The most amazing result of the adjustments to my lower back though, is the fact that my knees hurt much less than they did before. I never even mentioned my knee problems to The doctor because I have had bad knees for a number of years (arthroscopic surgery on one knee four years ago). I even stop playing tennis because of it. Now Dale and I play mixed doubles at our local tennis club thanks to Chiropractic treatment!

After experiencing the very positive results of spinal adjustments, Dale and I plan to continue a maintenance program with. We have both realized that seeking help and treatment only when it hurts is clearly not the path to a more flexible life style with less pain. The very efficient and friendly staff also makes our visits to the office enjoyable. We are already wondering what we are going to do this summer when we go to Georgia for a few months. Clearly he can’t move his practice to Georgia, but maybe he would consider visiting us while were there…”

Dale Morrison & Terry Palls

Low back, neck, knee and shoulder pain

Sybil Muscott

“My introduction to Chiropractic began March 1965. X-rays were taken that showed just where the problems were. After a series of adjustments, my spine straightened out. Being a sports minded person, you can easily get your body out of sync, so I decided to continue with maintenance of the spine. My medical doctor had bone density tests done that indicated I had osteoporosis. I was put on three medications. When my insurance changed, I started getting chiropractic adjustment at Hornberger Wellness & Chiropractic. My body and mind told me I didn’t want to live with the person I was becoming.

After x-rays were taken the doctor set me up on a program which include personalized corrective exercises for me to do at home along with chiropractic adjustments. With the help of the adjustments, the exercises and with the doctors time and expertise, I now have increased mobility. I can go up and down stairs, do house chores, yardwork, make quilts and I an able to sleep much better. One day I hope to play golf again!”

Sybil Muscott

Low back pain, corrective exercise rehabilitation

Susan Jager

“I sent this email out to everybody in my Spasmodic Torticollis group and posted on the website. I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing for me…

I wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening with my spasmodic torticollis (also called cervical dystonia). It all started 10 years ago with a stiff neck and progress into uncontrolled neck spasms. Since being diagnosed with spasmodic torticollis in April 2008, I have consulted three neurologists (including going to the Cleveland clinic) and given up on the following:

-aspartame and all artificial sweeteners
-biting my nails
-chewing gum
-holding the phone in my neck
-over-the-counter sleep aids
– Wellbutrin (doctors use this antidepressant to help people quit smoking)

My significant other and I have done an enormous amount of research into the cause of spasmodic torticollis. I was overwhelmed at the sheer number of potential causes. I have never had an automobile injury, although I was involved in two auto accidents about 30 years ago. My spasms really started occurring consistently when I was eating quite a bit of artificial sweeteners in an attempt to lose weight.

I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, bite guards, cranial sacral massage therapy, neck exercises, resting, sleeping on my back, relaxation techniques and Botox injections (the only treatment offered… my first Botox injection was administered in September 2008).

I always felt that my spasmodic torticollis was connected to TMJ and had a bite guard made before I was diagnosed. Four days ago, I stopped using the over-the-counter sleep aid. I immediately stopped grinding my teeth! I no longer sleep with my bite guard. The craniosacral massage therapists help me with pain and she actually got my jaw to relax. That was a milestone!

One day, my massage therapist called me very exciting about something called the PierceTechnique that someone had told her about. She had been talking to a woman about my condition. This woman practice this chiropractic technique up north it was certain it would help me. I was skeptical, but did some research and found that there are four chiropractors in Florida that practice this technique. Luckily, one was listed in Sarasota.

On my first visit, rays were taken of my spine with my neck in flexion and extension. This is something no one else had done. On my next visit, the doctor showed me that the vertebra in my neck on the right side had larger spaces than the other side. I began chiropractic treatments from three weeks ago. He began with manual intersegmental traction and progressing to using tapping instrument on the back of my neck. I immediately felt my head was lighter and range of motion was better. However, there was a lot of joint pain the first time he used the tapping instrument. The doctor and I agreed it was because my jaw was shifting back to the proper position. I am still getting the treatments… I have very little pain, even though my Botox must be wearing off by now, in fact, I felt the Botox was wearing off when I first started seeing the doctor three weeks ago!

I have been able to resume normal schedule with very little pain, which I contributed primarily to these treatments. Although, I still use my sensory trick of touching the side of my face, the sudden movement of my head is not as violent or pronounced. When I do not use the sensory check there’s very little pain. Where once the back of my neck felt like a brick wall, I can actually push into the tissue. I am seeing an improvement with each treatment and can’t wait until the next one. My sense of humor is returning and I feel like my old self again!

I have been fortunate that my insurance has covered the majority of the cost of these treatments. I am truly blessed that my massage therapist has never given up on me as well. I truly feel that I will be cured of what the doctors called the incurable.

Here’s the contact information for the doctor:

Hornberger Wellness & CHIROPRACTIC
4001 Swift Rd, first floor
Sarasota, FL 34231

Susan Jager

Spasmodic torticollis (distonia)